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Mike Paul Hughes: From ‘Asteroids’ Video Game To Real Life Asteroids and Lasers!

'Hollywood In Space' host Mike Paul Hughes, New Year's Eve, 2014.
‘Hollywood In Space’ host Mike Paul Hughes, New Year’s Eve, 2014.

When I was 16, I pumped a lot of quarters into the “Asteroids” video game at the pizza shop on Saxer Ave. Loved blasting asteroids with lasers. Now I’m in Santa Barbara to visit our laser imaging system vendor. These lasers will fly to asteroid Bennu on our ‪#‎NASA‬ Osiris-Rex mission. So I will get to shoot a laser at an asteroid for real. – Mike Paul Hughes ‪#‎truth‬ asteroids arcade game‪#‎Irony‬. P.S. You can play a simulation of the original ‘Asteroids’ game at http://www.freeasteroids.org. Working with real lasers and asteroids is optional, but recommended.;)