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Would Oblivion’s ‘Bubbleship’ Actually Fly If Built In Real-Life?

Mike Paul HughesCheck out the real-life flight physics for the ‘Oblivion’ ‘Bubbleship’ that our ‘Hollywood In Space’ host Mike Paul Hughes calculated for TomCruise.com!

Mike was so intrigued and inspired by the ‘Bubbleship’ when he saw ‘Oblivion’ that he took it upon himself to do the math to see if a real-life Bubbleship could actually fly!

Mike thought…

So for grins I derived the linearized dynamic equations of motion for the Oblivion bubble ship. Very feasible system given ultra high Isp rocket engines and very sporty adaptive control techniques, perhaps H-infinity…”

And guess what?

Mike concluded that the flight physics/math (see below) says that a REAL Bubbleship could be built TODAY! It really will fly! (The only limitation would be the rocket engines…today’s technology limitations would only allow them to burn for about 15-30mins at the scale depicted on the Bubbleship, but still! Wouldn’t it be awesome to fly a real Bubbleship?)

– See more at: http://www.tomcruise.com/blog/2013/05/29/real-life-space-rocket-systems-engineer-draws-out-the-bubbleship/#sthash.Ll584Uc1.dpuf

Oblivion Bubbleship flight physics.